Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. MYYCO liquid cultures contain tiny bits of very early stage mycelium. This early stage mycelium does not contain any psychoactive compounds. Those compounds would develop in later fruiting stages (specifically, the mycelium “knot stage”) if the culture were to be grown. We do not condone the growth of our mushroom liquid cultures and will not answer any questions regarding growing. MYYCO syringes are sold for microscopic research only. For this reason, our liquid culture syringes fall under the same legal categorization as spore syringes: they can be sold for microscopic research purposes in all states except Georgia and Idaho. Note: we can only answer questions regarding research usage of our liquid culture.

Our syringes contain tiny pieces of very early stage mycelium. This early stage mycelium is suspended in our custom nutrient solution. The young mycelium feeds on our nutrient solution to stay alive and healthy. The mushroom liquid culture pieces inside each syringe are small enough to move through the injection needle and into your chosen research substrate

We donate all profits (what’s left after our expenses) from all our sales to 501(c)(3) research and keep a modest cash balance on hand to pay future expenses. Our current beneficiaries are: MAPS, Johns Hopkins, and the Heroic Hearts Project.

A good way to think of the distinction between liquid culture and spore syringes is that liquid culture is akin to a “cutting” of a plant and spore syringes are akin to the “seed” of a plant. Of course, mushrooms are a different organism than plants, but the analogy is useful. Liquid culture syringes produce faster and more reliable research than spore syringes. A spore syringe must go through a germination process which takes longer and sometimes fails to occur depending on the environment.


A multi spore syringe contains a variety of different spores from various strains so the genetics can be unreliable and may produce more random results whereas a liquid culture syringe contains a single strain that has been generationally bred to achieve the fastest and best research possible.

You should inject 5cc (or mL) of your MYYCO syringe into your research substrate. Too much can cause too damp of an environment and create mold or rot and too little will not allow for proper microscopic research.

MYYCO liquid cultures contain extremely robust strains. We pay special attention during the breeding process to isolate the strains that are the most successful for microscopic research.

Our nutrient solution is made from completely natural, food grade ingredients: organic cane sugar, light malt extract, peptone, karo and distilled water.

Shipping time estimates will populate on our checkout page when you place your order and will be confirmed in your email receipt.

We are always taking requests for new strains. If you would like us to offer a strain you don’t currently see, please shoot us an email and tell us. We’ll absolutely consider it!

Yes. We can certainly offer a refund if there are any issues with your order. We do encourage replacements though. Please reach out to us at [email protected].

Absolutely. If you have any issues with your liquid culture please reach out to us at [email protected] and we can provide a replacement.


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