MYYCO’s Well-Fed Mycelium

Mushroom liquid culture requires a liquid “nutrient solution” that the early-stage mycelium can feed on in order to stay alive while inside our syringes. The young mycelium is suspended in this liquid nutrient solution.


Some folks use single-ingredient liquid culture recipes – often just honey or cane sugar as their nutrient solution. But after years of testing, we’ve found that the more variety, the better. Through years of trial and error, we’ve developed a simple liquid culture recipe that we believe is the most conducive to creating healthy, robust mycelium.


Each of our ingredients provides an easy and digestible food source for the young mycelium and the variety of ingredients helps create resilient and adaptable mycelium. We use organic cane sugar, light malt extract, peptone, karo and distilled water. Importantly, all of our ingredients in our liquid culture recipe are certified food-grade. That makes for some happy and well-fed mycelium!


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