MYYCO’s Liquid Culture Recipe

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Of course, we must mention off the bat that you can purchase MYYCO mushroom liquid culture here from our site. But, for all of those DIY folks, we are happy to share our liquid culture recipe and process. We believe that spreading the knowledge of mycology is vitally important.


Our liquid culture recipe has been developed to produce the most robust and healthy early-stage mycelium. The crux of creating an effective liquid culture recipe is to provide diverse sources of food that the young mycelium can easily feed off. This diversity will create resilient and adaptable mycelium that will thrive when transferred to a research substrate. Early-stage mycelium feeds off of biological material and does especially well feeding off of certain types of sugars and starches.

Some folks use single-ingredient liquid culture recipes, using just honey, cane sugar, or rye water but after years of testing, we’ve found that the more variety, the better. Each of the ingredients in our liquid culture recipe provides an easy food source for the young mycelium. As mentioned above, the variety means the mycelium becomes adaptable and will thrive when transferred to a research substrate. Importantly, all of the ingredients in our liquid culture recipe are food-grade. 

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Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about our recipe or methodology.


Without further ado,

MYYCO’s Liquid Culture Recipe:


(produces 1500ml of liquid culture)


  • 1500 ml distilled water
  • 30ml of Karo
  • 2.5 grams of peptone
  • 3.7 grams of light malt extract
  • Glass mason jars
  • Leak proof lids with silicone disks (the lids should contain a self healing injection port and syringe filter for gas exchange; these can be purchased from any mycology supply store)
  • Aluminum foil
  • Pressure cooker
  • Agar plate with clean and healthy mycelium



  1. Pour 1500 ml distilled water into a sauce pan on the stove and let it simmer on low heat. 
  2. Add your Karo, peptone, and light malt extract. Stir thoroughly after each ingredient is added until it is fully dissolved (the low heat helps speed this up).
  3. Transfer from the pot into your jars and place one magnetic stir bar in each jar.
  4. Secure the lids tightly and cover the top of the jars with foil.
  5. Place jars w/ foil inside your pressure cooker for 25 minutes at 15 psi. 
  6. Once cooled down, place an agar wedge (about the size of a stamp) into each jar.
  7. Keep the jars at the ideal temperature for your species of mushroom and allow 2 weeks for colonization. 
  8. BOOM! You’ve got some grade- A liquid culture!

If you have any questions about our liquid culture recipe, reach out to us at [email protected]. Please note, we cannot legally answer any questions about growing any specific strains of mushroom – we can only answer questions regarding microscopic and taxonomic research of these strains.


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